Friday, 19 February 2010

A taste of New Mexico

I love cottonwood trees. They are the soul of New Mexico.

Take a walk with me down Chile Alley.

The official State question of New Mexico is "Red or green?" This is because we put chile on everything. I love both, however, I judge a restaurant by it's red.

Yeah I love you too my chile love.

The Dog House has been on Route 66 in 'Burque New Mexico for decades. I loved the sign as a kid and I devour these, the best chile cheese dogs anywhere in the world, as an adult.

Best burgers in the world are green chile cheese burgers. Every town in New Mexico has several places to get some. Some are better than others. It's like the NBA every one is a superstar.

Deserts, mountains, biggest most beautiful skies, vistas that seem endless. Touch the land, it will haunt you forever.

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